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3 Different Auto Typers for Mac are Displayed here in this Page. A Mouse & Keyboard Recorder is also presented below. All the Mac Applications below work on Mac OS Mojave (version 10.14), and earlier Macintosh Operating Systems including macOS High Sierra (version 10.13), macOS Sierra (version 10.12) and so on.

MurGaa Auto Typer

Assign a keyboard Shortcut to a Sentence and whenever you press the Assigned Keyboard Shortcut, MurGaa Mac Auto Typer will Type the Sentence onto Active Application. You can assign upto 6 different Keyboard Shortcuts to Type 6 different pre-defined text sentences in Auto Typer for Macintosh.

Download this Text Typing Software on your Mac OS X and try it for Free.

Auto Typer for Mac

MurGaa Auto Talker

Store Multiple Text Sentences and Configure a Keyboard Shortcut to let the Mac Auto Talker type the Text Sentences onto Active Application Automatically. Look closely at the Screenshot below to get an Idea of what all configurable Text Typing features are offered by this Mac OS X Application. Download Auto Talker and Automate Text Typing on your Mac OS X.

Auto Talker for Mac

Macro Application for Mac

This Mac OS X Application is basically a Macro Application which can do Automatic Text Typing, Mouse Clicking and other Stuff. The Best part about this Mac Application is that it is really easy to Learn and if you have used Mac Apps, just have a look at the Screenshot below and read no more to learn this Mac Automation Application.

Automate Text Typing with a Script on Macintosh

Or Record Mouse and Keyboard Actions and then Play them

You can also record your Mouse and Keyboard Actions with Macro Recorder for Mac and then Play the Recorded Mouse Clicks, Movements, Time Delay and everything else.

Macro Recorder for Apple Mac OS X

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